Prevent Extra Noise In The Ear

Prevent Extra Noise In The Ear
Uncleared extra noise in the ear is a common problem in middle age peoples.In its starting time majority get irritated and then they get adapted to that.
But it is a just a sign of complicated ear problem even may get ear loss also.We can can cure it easily and completely with some natural remedies.Let see what is that natural remedy.

Onion juice without water – 25 ml
Mustard oil – 100 ml

How To Make It
Add onion juice to the boiled mustard oil.Mix well and allow it to boil until eater content in it get completely cleared.Filter it after it get cooled and keep it in a clean closed bottle.

Pour it over the ear which is affected four three times a day.Ear is the most important sense organ of our body.It is not only for hearing it is important to maintain our body equilibrium also.So even a small issue in the ear will affect very badly and it will cause daily activities also.Due to the false sensation in the ear it may can affect sleep, concentration, and eve intelligence also.It is a sensitive sense organ also.Sound occur inside the ear may be due to many reasons.It may be due to some structural problems,Also can occur due to any infections,or even it may be sign of any psychological issues.So everyone have to be aware of this type of issues. Consult a doctor as speed as possible if it persist more than 3 to 4 days.

Parts of ear is divided into three.It is outer ear,middle ear,and inner ear. Pinna and ear canal consist of the outer ear. Tympanic membrane and tympanic cavity constitutes middle ear.Labyrinth is the main part of inner ear.Balance disorder vertigo is mainly occurred due to the structural problem of ear.