How To Prevent Eye Stye And How to Cure It

Infection over the gland in eye lid is the reason for eyes stye. Their are many reasons for causing eye stye. Avoiding usage of spectacles who have regular use of spectacles,diabetes,dandruff all are reasons of eye stye. Don’t try to burst it using hand.It will leads to more complication also.

Bursting may can cause infection to brain and thereby may can cause brain fever also.Application of a cotton which is dipped in boiled water is good to cure eye stye. Application of ointments before went to bed is also good to prevent eye stye. Don’t use dirt hand to touch over the parts of eyes it may can also cause problems.

Sore Eye Some Preventive Methods
Sore aye is causing because of the sudden climate change and infections over air.Sore eye is the oedematous appearance over eye lids and sclera.

Signs and Symptoms
Redness over eyes
Secretion from eyes.
Irritating feeling in the eyes.
Itching over eyes

What To DO If We Got Sore Eyes

Wash eyes minimum four times a day.
Avoid reading and writing in that time.
Avoiding of TV and computers are also necessary
Avoid belongings of infected persons because it is a communicating disease.
Increase intake of fruits, green leafy vegetables and nuts during infected time.
Avoid beef during sore eyes.