Prevention Bad Smell From Shoes

Prevention Bad Smell From Shoes
Probably majority had face the problem of bad smell from the shoes.It is plenty to make ashamed in public or in a group.It can also affect the confidence of a person in a group.

Even costly shoes are also make bad smell.That means cost is not the parameter in prevention of bad smell from shoes.Even peoples are ready to avoid their costly shoes for the prevention of bad smell.But their are some simple remedies ti prevent bad smell from shoes.Let see what all are that.

First one is to select proper shoes.otherwise the problem persist till last.Shoe could have enough space inside.For minimum of air circulation inside it. Otherwise sweat in the foot will cause bad smell.

Give exposure to sunlight when not using shoes. Sunlight helps to decrease and prevent bad smell from shoes. Hygiene is also a factor to cause bad smell.Bad smell is the antihero which cause smell in some people.Clean and tidy appearance of foo will prevent it to some extend.3

Now a days their are lot of foot sprays are available in the market.It is also a good remedy to get rid of that.Put some baby powder on leg and shoe will also helps to prevent bad smell from shoes.

Kept shoes in fridge put after it in a plastic cover is also good to prevent bad odor of shoes.