Prevention Of Diabetic Pimples

Prevention Of Diabetic Pimples
In ayurveda diabetes is one of the non curable disease,It has importance on both medicine and exercises,Slight carelessness can cause major complications.On of the main complication in diabetes is diabetic pimples.
Diabetic pimples are usually occurring in the back and may also can occur in face, buttocks,anal region,head,joints,etc.
It is also vary according to its shape,According to shape diabetic pimples has been divided into 10 types.

Signs and symptoms
Hardness in round shape,
Blackish appearance
Red colour
Secretion from the wound


Turmeric is a good anti inflammatory agent and it can induce speed recovery from wounds like that.High medicinal cvalue of turmeric is a good choice to cure the diabetic pimples.
Goose berry is also a good choice o medicine for diabetic pimples.