Prevention Of Urinary Tract Infection

Infection over any part of urinary tract is called as urinary tract infection or UTI. Urinary tract consists of organs like ureter,Urinary bladder and kidneys.Infections to any of this part may can be refereed as urinary tract infection.Now a days causing of urinary tract infection rate are increasing day bu day.And this have to be prevented even from the root cause.Change in life style is the main reason for the urinary tract infection. Non hygienic like and lack of water drinking will also leads to urinary tract infection.

About 5 percentage of children in India are suffering of this disease.Majority of patients are girls. Chance of urinary tract infection is high in summer season.Insufficient fluids needed for body..Unhygienic practices,use of diapers,worm infestations,improper cleaning after urination and defecation,tight inner wears,constipation and prolongation of urination even after sensation has come will cause urinary tact infections.

Tight inner wears are also a reason behind urinary tract infection.Constipation,late urination even after stimuli come, will leads to urinary tract infection and bacterial invasion over urinary tract.Some genital problems also leads to urinary tract infections.This will leads to puss collection in future also. Tightness in the urinary tract muscles are also a reason behind this problem.Burning sensation during urination,frequent urinary sensation are also the sign of urinary tract infections.Proper hygiene and regular drinking of water can prevent urinary tract infection.By controlling all the things stated above will helps UTI prevention.Urinary tract infection may can leads to further complication serious diseases also.