Problems Of Continuous Watching Of Television

Problems Of Continuous Watching Of Television

Now a days parents are found a good way to prevent their children from other activities is not other than watching television.Even this give a temporary solution which may can create serious health related issues.In days of special shows children and people will spend a lot of time in front of TV.

Even television watching is a good thing problem watching will cause many health,psychological and economical issues.This unhealthy habits cause many problems like obesity and related issues.Some time it may leads to high cholesterol and insulin defense also.Which may can cause long term diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

St George university London stated in their recent study that people who spend more than 5 hours in a day in front of TV make many health issues and chance of diabetes also.

Snacks eating at the time of eating TV also makes health issues lie obesity.solitude life without interacting with society will also cause many problems social. In far views it will leads to problems like social stigma and fear to such peoples.

In this time of vacation watching television for children is limitless. This also may can leads problems. SO always better thing is to control watching television and allow them to real play with peer groups and surroundings.