Problems In Drinking Cold Water After Food

Problems In Drinking Cold Water After Food
Their is a practice in majority of people to drink cold water after food.Some of the recent studies saying that this can make many health related issues. Some of the victims are also stating the same that they are also faced the same issue by drinking cold water after food.

Drinking cold water after eating food like meats will leads to opposite effect rather than digestion.It will leads in making harder meat and thereby digestive problems also.

Some other studies saying that drinking cold water after food will cause digestive issues because of change in temperature of food and water.It affect body temperature also.

Improper digestion will leads to some other health issues also.It affects normal effective sleep and may can leads to insomnia also.It may can cause head ache and migraine also.Ineffective absorption may can leads to obesity also and thereby overweight problems also.

Improper digestion may can induce fatigue also.Event this statement has no scientific background majority of victims and some studies are stated the effects of drinking cold water after food.

SO it is better to drink normal water after and along with food give good effect and makes free from lot of diseases and disorders.