Problems In Eating Grilled Chicken

Problems In Eating Grilled Chicken
Majority of people believes that chicken whcih is grilled is more healthier and safer than chicken which is fried in oils.According to time changed type of food intake also get changed.

Majority of the new generation likes to eat fast food items from such hotels and streets. Especially grilled chicken are the most wanted fast food dish.rush in such fast food restaurants are the example of that.

Its time to think everybody that such foods are how much safe.Some of the recent studies are saying that it can cause serious health issues.Grilled chicken are the type of food whcih will get cooked as sufficient.

A recent study conducted in America is saying that regular eating of grilled chicken may can leads to diseases such as gullean bare syndrome.It is a typed of stroke.

In this disease it will destroy the immune system of the body and paralyses muscular system of the body.When it doesn’t get cooked as per need,a bacteria named as kabilobactor jejuni bacteria will reach the body and it will leads to diseases such as gullean bare syndrome.

It is not only in grilled chicken but also if chicken will not get cooked sufficiently until that bacteria get killed can leads to diseases like that.