Problems Of Smoking And Its Prevention

Problems Of Smoking And Its Prevention
Most of the studies are saying that smoking will cause serious diseases like cancer.As per previous studies that it only causes cancer in mouth throat and lungs.But some recent studies saying that it also can cause cancer over stomach also.Rate of cancer patient sin Kerala is increasing day by day.

Peoples who were using beedi for smoking has the most chance for cancer in the abdomen.It also depends on the number of beedi and period of using it. Alcoholism also may can cause cancer in the abdomen.Study is conducted in between the age group of 30 and 80.Study saying that average life is also get increased both life and smoking are the main reason for cancer.

In Kerala about 155 peoples in 1 lack population is suffering of cancer.About 42 percentage of males who were suffering of cancer are smokers.At the time of independence average life period was 50 now it get increases to 75.

Study also saying that proper prohibition law implementation and giving proper education to prevent this and applying of extra tax over such items are the ways to prevent and reduce usage if smoking materials and beedi. Prevention and reduction of it is very important.


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