Remedies To Prevent Cough

Remedies To Prevent Cough
Cough is a reflex action which done by body itself to expel foreign agent from the body.Cough may can occur due to many reason.Even from the common cold to high infection disease is exhibited with symptom of cough.
Even cough is a small disorder the problems made by it is not so small.It may can interrupt our daily activity and sleep also.Let see some simple home remedies to cure cough.

First Remedy
Drink honey which is added in tulsi boiled water is a good remedy for fast recovery from cough.
Second Remedy

Drink honey and ginger juice which is mixed in same quantity.This is also a good remedy to cure cough.
Third Remedy
Mixture of honey and pepper powder will give fast recovery from cough.
Fourth Remedy
Shallot juice and rock sugar mixture is good for fast recovery of cough.

These all remedies are completely natural and which is good for fast recovery from cough.It is good to cure any strong old coughs also.Because of the use of natural product is and natural method of making it is free from side effects also.Some of the chemical added cough syrups available in the market have some sort of side effects.Sticking on natural methods helps in preventing all these problems.This methods are good in fast recovery also.

The methods which sated above may not be work in high infectious diseases like pneumonia.bronchitis,high respiratory tract infections etc.