Side Effects of Head Phones And Its Complications

Side Effects of Head Phones
Now a days use of head phones are increasing day by day.Some of the recent studies are saying that which may can cause many health issues and serious health problems.Improper usage also make harmful to the body.This may can cause some serious complication in future also.

Measurement which used to measure sound is decibel.Sound which safe is always below 85 decibel.Above that threshold is harmful to the body and it also may can cause serious health related issues.If you are a person had habit of regular usage of head phone??.Without any doubt anyone can say that person who using head phones for hearing songs above the threshold will leads to serious health problems.

People who have the habit of using headphone to hear song are more prone for health issues like cardiac related problems.Some of the recent studies are saying that use of head phones will leads to nerve problems and such sounds can make serious damage over the blood vessels of ear.

It also cause problems like hypertension,mental distress,high blood pressure,etc.these all side effects can make complication related to cardiac problems.Usage of head phone for hearing song adn high sound will definitly make damages ot ear and other related body parts.