Signs and symptoms of AIDS

Signs and symptoms of AIDS
It is difficult to identify AIDS.But early diagnosis helps to prevent progression of disease.Their are some signs and symptoms of AIDS.When this signs and symptoms are identified it is important done HIV test and to confirm it is infected or not.Peoples who undergone sexual activities without any preventive measures should a have to check and confirm weather they are infected or not.Incubation period may be from 10 days to 10 years.

Signs and symptoms

1, Fever due to acute retro viral syndrome.
Fever that associated with fever and body pain.

At the time of aids virus entering the body it starts to destroy the immune system.this will lead to fatigue and pyrexia to the body.

3,Muscle and join pain
a gland named as lesiga is the main role of immunity.f virus infection causes the gland become heated and cause the normal activities. This may leads to pain over muscles and joints.

4,Allergic reactions over skin
5,Nausea and vomiting
6,Sweating over night.