What To Do In Snake Bite And Its first Aid

How to identify it is snake bite.

1,If the patient or victim saw the snake which bite
2,The bite marks of 2 tooth over the area.

Remedies For Snake bite.
Their are mainly three type of approaches in treatment for that.

1,check out the local reaction over the area like redness,edema etc.In poisonous snakes chance of occurring of these reaction is high.

2,Blood tests.
Main investigation have to done is bleeding time clotting time and prothrombin time of blood.Any change in investigation means that poison has been entered the body. Normally clotting time of blood will increase if poison got affected.

3,Systemic reaction
Swelling,difficulty to take breath,constriction of pupil etc.

Winter seasons were the most chance to be get snake bite.This is the season which snakes come out of burrow more when compared to other climates.Now a days their is no need to take the killed snake to start treatment. Because now modern medicine is using polyvalent anti-snake venom. It can act against 4 main poisonous snakes in Kerala.

It is easy for the medical person to start treatment if get informed of which type of snake has been bite. They can do proper treatment without waiting for any symptoms and signs