Starting Signs Of Cancer

Signs Of Cancer Should Have To Observed.
One of the most fear able disease in the world is cancer.Recent studies says that rate of cancer patients are increasing day by day.Mortality rate is also high in cancer.
The main reason of this high mortality rate is cancer is very much hard in identifying it in its primary stage.
Let see what all are the type of cancer and sighs of cancer.

Breast cancer
On of the most death reason in women globally is breast cancer.Breast cancer is completely curable if it is identified in its primary stage.Feel of thickness or lump over the breast,pain over the both, change in breast skin,breakage in the nipple,change in shape of nipple,secretions with blood stain,thickness in the axilla,
Main diagnostic method for breast cancer is mammography
Self breast examination is also a good method of diagnosing.

Uterus cancer
Uterus cancer is completely preventable if it is identifiable in its primary age.It is the second most affecting cancer in the women after breast cancer.change in uterus cells are the main reason for this.