Stretch Mark Prevention Remedies

Stretch marks are also a problem facing by present women. There are lot of queries to Healthcare providers which is how to prevent stretch marks and related problems. It can be sold with a simple home remedy. With easily available substances in the home.
The raw material needed to prevent and cure these diseases only a single banana. Crush that banana and make it as a paste.

After that after that apply this paste over the area where people have stretch marks. The thing to remember before applying this best if you have to apply this in a little bit thick. Wash it off after some time of application. Continue this remedy for not less than 21 days.

One other thing how to remember by pregnant ladies are beware of reacting against itching sensation over stomach will cause stretch marks over there. People who have problem of each of the stomach during the. of how to do rubbing with a comb over such area. This remedy will helps to prevent itching sensation over such areas.