Things to remember before eating potato 

Potato is the  main crop of Indians. but we have to think that how much safe is potato. Usually people are using potato after a long time of purchasing from the market. Sometimes it will starts to decay. Some will get color changed. But people will not give attention attention to that. This may can cause many serious diseases and health problems.

The chances of potato to become bad is more. So it is important to check how much good is the potato. Solanine is a content produced when potato start to become bad. It is a neurotoxin also it may can cause. Many serious diseases.

When potato get exposure to sunlight production of solanine will get increased. And this neurotoxin will affect the human body very badly.

The green appearance over the skin of potato is the sign of that crop get exposure over sunlight and that toxin has produced. So the part which  is seen in green color have to be cut off before taking it for cooking