Thyroid Natural Medicine

Thyroid Natural Medicine
Thyroid is a gland present in the human body. According to the enzyme variations from the gland will leads to health problems also.It is termed as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.Increased thyroid secretion is referred as hyperthyroidism and decreed secretion termed as hypothyroidism.

Both hyper and hypo may can cause many serious health problems.SO it is important to keep thyroid secretion level as normal for prevention of complication and normal activity of the body.

Some believes are their which is about thyroid once medicine get started for thyroid it cannot be stopped.But their are some natural measures and remedies to keep thyroid secretion level as normal.

Let see how to make a strong single medicine therapy to prevent thyroid related issues.

Ginger juice – 1 table spoon
Cranberry juice – 1/2 cup
Orange juice – 1/2 cup
Lemon extract – 1 table spoon

How to make
It is as simple as jut to mix all ingredients together.

This medicine has lot of health benefits.It is good to prevent toxin accumulation in the body.This will enhance the normal activity of thyroid gland.

Directions of use
This solution have to take in the morning before breakfast on empty stomach for consecutive 30 days for better result.