Tips For Fast Recovery From Fever

Tips For Fast Recovery From Fever
Now a days for a mild simple fever everyone will run to hospital and take medicines which may can cause oru immunity and natural defence mechanism of our body.This may can leads to further complicated infective diseases such as pneumonia,meningitis,typhoid etc.

Proper monitoring and correct intake of natural medicine can cure fever faster.fever is not a disease it is just signs and symptoms of other diseases.

Things to remember during fever is
1,Fasting during initial stage of fever is good to body
2,Drinking of pure water will also gives fast recovery
3,Drink of solution made of honey and lemon juice with equal ampunt od water is also advisable medicine.

Following and proper monitioring of fever will helops in fast recovery from fever. ALways stckig on natural methods is the most advisable way and good way of approach for fast recoevey of bosy and maintianing immunity of the bosy.