Tips To Make And Maintain Lips As Red In Colour

Lips are the main part of the body in the aspect of beauty. Now a days majority of the peoples are beauty conscious.They will like to make their all body parts clean and beautiful. Especially lips have a main role in that.Lips are the main measure of beauty in laughing. Laugh is the parameter of happiness and confidence.So making of lips in beautiful red colour is now a days an important thing.Let see some simple tips which we can practice in out home to maintain lips in natural red colour and beautiful without any help of artificial chemical lipstick application.Let see what all are they.
<strong>Tips To Make Lips Red In Colour</strong>
1,Make a paste using white sandal wood and rose water.Apply it over the lips before went to sleep.and wash it off in the morning.

2,Application of paste made of sesame seed and cow milk over lip is also beneficial to keep lips red in color.
Doing of this in regular makes lips healthy and stronger.

3,Smokers should have to quit smoking and apply glycerin over lips several times in a day will helps to maintain normal color of lips.

4,Increase intake of vitamin C and E plenty foods like gooseberry,tender coconut,lemon juice,orange,cucumber ,carrot ,beetroot,fish and egg will also makes lips normal in color and beautiful.