Tooth Brush Causing Disease And Its Prevention

When the outer covering of tooth enamel become week and destroyed cause sensitivity by the intake of hot or cool items.Enamel is the part protect tooth from decay and other problems. Destruction of enamel cause total decay and destruction of the tooth.

Let see some simple remedies which helps to prevent enamel decay.
Pickles,red wine,fruit juice, increase sensitivity of tooth.It may also can leads to tooth destruction also.
Tight biting with tooth also will leads to increased tooth sensitivity.

This habit also should have to be avoided.
Should have to use tooth sensitivity preventing tooth paste.
Avoid use of tea nad coffee.
Brush a minimum time of 2 minutes.Should have to use soft tooth brushes.
Aware of plaques may can occur on tooth.

One of the most using aid for our daily living is tooth brush.But ine thing people who were using tooth brush have to be aware of the safety if using such things.

Some of the recent studies are saying that it tooth brush contains of lot germs and bacteria which may can cause serious diseases.Study saying that tooth brushes are contains minimum of 10 lack bacteria which is harmful to health. Bacteria such as e-coli bacteria.Keep tooth safe and away fro toilet and bathroom where chance of contamination is more.