Turmeric Juice Benefits

Turmeric Juice Benefits
turmeric is a great spice which is using in Kerala kitchens.It has lot of health benefits along with its taste.It have great antibiotic property and a good memory inducer also.

Some of the recent studies saying that eating of turmeric can decrease more than 50 percentage of cardiovascular disease and related issues.one of the other study saying that eating of turmeric is equal to breathing exercise. Both give the same effect to the body.

Taking of a small piece of turmeric is as good as equal to on hour exercise. Both have same effect in health. Curcumin is the content in the turmeric which give yellow color for the spice,Which is responsible for many medicinal effects such as increasing vasculanity of the body also.

Continuous intake of 150 grams of turmeric for 8 weeks will definity give a positive result in cardiovascular health of the body.One teaspoon of turmeric is enough to prevent heart related and cardiovascular problems.

Their are lot of ways to add turmeric in diet such as along with dishes,taking by adding little in tea,turmeric juice is also a good and effective way.Taking this spice in all these ways are good to keep hear healthy and safe.