Wonderful Uses Of Lemon

There are lot of uses for Lemon other than making lime juice. Let’s see what all are the wonderful uses of lemon.

Adding of little bit lemon juice over fruits like apple banana and crops like potato will helps to prevent blacking of mentioned mention food item.

When rice cooker in the pressure cooker in shows blue effect and it adhere each other. This will give an unpleasant feeling while eating that cooked rice.

Prevention of decaying of amaranths also can be prevented by adding some lemon juice over it and after that kept kept that amaranthus in which will prevent the bad appearance and chance of Decay.

Sometimes we will face the problem that it will get broken while boiling it up like your a little bit lemon juice over the shallow it will helps in preventing breakage of eggshell .

While keeping fish and meat in freezer of rich will get harder while cooking. If you are some lemon extract to meat or fish before starting to cook will helps to make meat soft