Medicine For Gas trouble

Gas trouble is a problem which effect majority of the people without any difference of age and sex. Main sign of a healthy body is a clean and safe stomach. Absence of clean stomach is the main reason behind gas trouble and related problems.

It shows the clean evidence of adulterated food that we had taken. Pulse, serials ,alcoholism, unhealthy lifestyle are the main reasons behind gas trouble.

People who wear affected buy gas trouble in majority are middle age people and individuals who have low digestive capacity. nausea, women chest burning, feel of weight on head, feel of abstraction in the stomach, loss of appetite are also signs and symptoms of gas trouble.

There are Lot of simple and effective method which can be implemented naturally to prevent gas trouble and related problems.

Let’s see what all hard are they.

Drinking of garlic crushed milk is a good remedy to prevent and cure gas related problems.
Eating of cumin and garlic which is fried in ghee before taking food.
Drinking the mixture made of Garlic juice and lemon juice in equal quantity.
Solution made of dried Ginger, garlic, cardamom and Pepper which is boiled in a glass of water

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